Litely 1.1.5

Sublime photo editing and filtering app for iOS

Litely is a photo editing app that offers a range of filters to help you enhance your images. View full description


  • Let's you finely-tune your images
  • Filters are impressive
  • Elegant app design
  • Supports editing/export in full resolution
  • Makes good use of touch gestures


  • Not as many free presets as other apps


Litely is a photo editing app that offers a range of filters to help you enhance your images.

Edit and filter

Litely contains a range of filters which you can purchase through the app. Nine filters come for free in the app. Besides the filters, there are editing tools for changing exposure, sharpen, vibrance, and vignette.

Litely also has a crop option, with a handy square preset, which is great for create Polaroid-style shots. On the subject of this, Litely supports instant sharing on Instagram, as well as a range of other social networks.

A big plus point about Litely is that it can handle full resolution pictures and export them at the same resolution so you don't lose any quality. All editing in Litely is non-destructive, meaning that the original image is always preserved without changes.

The Lightly app supports panoramic photos too, making clever use of the iPhone's gyroscope so you can tilt your phone to see more of an image.

Smart design

The user interface in Litely is stylish and elegant. Previewing effects is very clear and it has a handy before/after split screen feature, so you can see how the effect your applying will change the original.

Menu options are well laid out and sliders are used to good effect to help you precisely adjust settings. You can toggle between effects in Litely by swiping up and down the image.

An amateur photographer's dream

It's not as advanced as Adobe Lightroom mobile, or even the free VSCO Cam in terms of editing options, but Lightly's wonder lies in its simplicity.It offers a very simple way to treat your photos and apply dazzling effects.

Lightly is so compact and usable that I would love to see the tool implemented by default inside the iOS Photo app.



Litely 1.1.5